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About Beyond Culture 

Beyond Culture with Bola Akin is seeking to promote African culture, give an understanding of real African definition, considering the names we bear, the things we see, our belief system, and our understanding of certain concepts and events of life, that portray who we are and how we tend to navigate the issues and challenges of life. It is to empower and educate this generation and those coming after us (especially those in the diaspora) to know more about African culture, our roots, heritage, and legacies, dwelling on our behaviors and beliefs of how it has shaped us into being the best of what we are today.

This will enable people to choose the best and appropriate ways out of the lots existing in this modern day and age. It is to create awareness about the beauty and fun in African moral values and identity. We help you retain and reaffirm your knowledge about African traditions and heritage through the teaching of the Yoruba language and traditions. Enlighten and re-introduce the need to prioritize our African mode of dressing and use of African accessories. Educating our audience with a profound knowledge of African history through folktales, proverbs, and games. Create a conducive platform where kids and parents alike can learn and imbibe the African arts and culture. We also offer services and consultations that mirror the value system, entertainment aspect, deep roots teaching, inheritance, and beauty in our culture. “Do you know that our main core values as Africans are Wisdom, Integrity, Valour, Honour, and Hard work”.

Our Vision

We look forward to becoming one of the best platforms where people are connected to get original and authentic information about African cultural values and make reference to their roots from the knowledge we share. We hope to be a channel and link where parents are able to encourage their children to find valuable guides in living a good life worthy of emulation as Ọmọlúwàbí.

Our Mission

The goal of Beyond Culture With Bola Akin is to promote African culture by creating awareness about our identity, traditions, way of life, dialects, and diversity in culture and display of African wares, clothing, and accessories in modernity we also give clarity and expression to people’s Oriki.

Beyond Culture with Bola Akin’s goals and objectives are:

Working on people’s mental thoughts positively by making them understand their oriki through giving clarity and expression for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Create platforms where parents are able to enroll their children into learning more about the African arts and culture.

Remind ourselves of ways to interact and foster integration through storytelling, games, and events

Encouraging mannerisms and respect which are part of our core values as Africans.

Re-introduce and encourage the use of some of our African wares and accessories

Offering valuable educational talks.

Offering services that reflect the fun, value, and beauty in our culture

Educating our audience with a deep understanding of some African histories.

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