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Beyond Culture and Heritage explores the limitations of borrowed culture and the importance of embracing our heritage in today’s generation. It sheds light on the misguided assumption of helplessness and impotence that often accompany the adoption of foreign cultures and offers a powerful reminder of the value of our African roots.

The book delves into the rich tapestry of African ways and values, serving as a compass to guide us in aligning our morals with our daily lives. It emphasizes the importance of embracing our upbringing and the cultural shaping we received as Africans. Even in the face of living in diaspora, being exposed to modern civilization, and navigating advanced technologies, our mentality should remain untainted, and our sense of identity should be invigorated and refined.

Beyond Culture and Heritage invites us to live consciously, embodying the essence of our African upbringing and reclaiming our rightful place as descendants of giants. It is a call to preserve our unique heritage, allowing it to influence and enrich every aspect of our lives, wherever we may find ourselves in the world.

With ambassador Mobolaji Ogundero of the Nigerian Embassy DC, USA, The sec Gen of Yoruba Alliance and president of United Nigerian American Council - MD


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